Technical Services

Merrison Technologies LLC specializes in providing professional services for large-scale enterprise acquisition, financial, human resource, logistics, and travel systems. This includes technical project management, discovery, business intelligence, requirements, design, building, testing, documentation, and implementation.

System Integration

Merrison also has experience integrating existing often dissimilar systems to add value and capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems. We specialize in integrating financial systems with HR and travel systems.

End-to-End Travel Support Services

Merrison has experience providing on-site Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Business Analysts to supplement and support tier II and tier III client help desks. Our SMEs also provide analysis and review of current policies and procedures to make sure they stay current with changing events. Business Analysts offer comprehensive technical lifecycle services, including post production support, which allow us to ensure success for our customers.

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Travel Systems

We provide a business intelligence suite of tools focused on travel data. Creating meaningful data relationships and measurements to enable travel administrators to save money, improve efficiency, verify compliance, and reduce complexity. Some high-level features are custom dashboards, data visualization, geolocations, compliance reporting, service level agreement (SLA) reporting, and web-service APIs.

Legal Systems

We build customizable interactive dashboards for data exploration and analysis. We can assist at every phase of a case, from discovery and data exploration to presentation and creating trial exhibits. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, we can receive and analyze data in almost any format and create meaningful summaries for any level audience. We can process both structured (tables, databases, etc.) and unstructured data (emails, pdfs, natural language processing). We perform ETL work (extract, transform, load) as well as data enrichment from open sources. We work with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL databases. Specialize in Python, Tableau, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL, as well as Excel and other office products.