Technical Services

Merrison Technologies LLC specializes in providing technical support for large-scale enterprise acquisition, financial, human resource, and travel systems. This includes technical project management, discovery, requirements, design, building, testing, documentation, and implementation.

Merrison also has experience providing on-site Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to supplement and support tier II and tier III client help desks. Our SMEs also provide analysis and review of current policies and procedures to make sure they stay current with changing events. These comprehensive technical lifecycle services, including post production support, allow us to ensure success for our customers.

Merrison uses five fundamental principles to accompany our experience and innovation when approaching a new project:

Understanding customer's current and future needs is imperative to meeting their expectations. Employing software and hardware that can be scaled up or down based on demand creates flexibility and minimizes up front costs.

Taking the time to understand the "as-is" process is essential to being able to recommend "to-be" solutions. In-depth analysis and management review of policies, procedures, current infrastructure, and technical metrics is an important component of Merrison's approach to technical solutions.

Many government contractors and agencies are bound by federal standards. Merrison makes sure their clients are aware of any applicable standards and will help each client comply as needed. Merrison has real world experience meeting NIST, OMB, and GSA standards.

We live in a time of a constant and persistent IT threat that is looking for vulnerabilities in applications and their interfaces. Merrison can use and interpret results from tools such as Nessus, WebInspect, Foundstone, and w3af. Merrison partners with a team of seasoned professionals for penetration testing such as denial of service, out-of-band, and social engineering.

Minimize cost of ownership:
Providing a product that meets the current needs of the client as well as preparing them for their future needs in a concerted effort to reduce their cost of ownership. Leaving a customer with the necessary documentation, trained employees, and road map to the future reduces rework and ensures the customer only procures what is needed for the current demand.


  • FTP
  • sFTP
  • HTTP
  • SOAP


  • Progress OpenEdge
  • JAVA
  • .NET

Interface Types

  • Web-Service
  • Batch

File Types

  • XML
  • Fixed Format
  • Delimited