Case Data & Mining

Large data sets, siloed data, unstructured data, and complex or unorganized data are challenges that law firms large and small face daily. Merrison’s Case Data Analytics and Mining team can assist with these challenges, helping your organization increase transparency, uncover hidden connections in discovery, increase operational efficiency, and empower data driven decision making.
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What Does Our Team Do?

Our Case Data Analytics and Mining team provides highly effective analytical tools and dedicated specialists for powerful, rapid analysis of complex litigation case data to answer specific questions queried by case teams.

How Do We Do It?

Our team quickly analyzes large, complex data sets to solve challenging problems and identify key evidence. Analysts look for relationships in correspondence, financial information, user activity, and more to quickly identify patterns of relevant activity and recover/mitigate against damages.

Why Our Approach Works

Every case is evaluated individually to select the best tools and methods for the job. Custom interactive reports are generated to answer specific questions and explore data in new ways. We quickly perform calculations and comparisons to visualize data to assist in litigation.

Phased Approach


Case Consultation

Our Case Manager and Analyst(s) will meet with your Case Team to:

  • Discuss the questions the Case Team needs answered about their data.
  • Review the Case Team’s requests in detail and clarify technical details of the data (type, location, format, size).
  • Establish timelines and deliverables.
  • Select appropriate tool(s).

Iterative Analysis

Analyst(s) will work closely with your firm's Case Team to:

  • Explore the data and generate meaningful connections and leads.
  • Refine the scope of questions based on new uncovered insights.
  • Create custom visualizations and dashboards to clearly illustrate connections.

Creative Exhibits

  • Determine what type of exhibits are needed to showcase key findings, including multiple levels of detail based on audience and requirements.
  • Create, review, refine, and finalize deliverables.
  • Document all queries, processes, methodologies, and tools used for future reference.

Ongoing Support

  • In related cases or similar litigations that may arise in the future, Merrison can leverage previous deliverables to solve new problems or refine an existing solution.

  • Text and entity extraction.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Entity matching to correlate identifiable information with other documents.
  • Reconstruct email conversations from unstructured data.
  • Group together documents that have exact or similar textual content to eliminate noise in large data sets.
  • Technology assisted review (TAR) to programmatically search through thousands of documents for specific criteria.
  • Slice, filter and search data to visually summarize data and identify trends.
  • Ability to integrate multiple diverse data sets to compile a comprehensive view of the case.
  • Advanced text analysis includes fuzzy search and sentiment analysis.
  • Interactive dashboards allow users to combine multiple views to string together specific insights into a coherent story.
  • Visualization tools for medium to very large datasets.
  • Ideal for combining metadata, structured, and unstructured data.
  • Visualized searches to view combinations of search terms.
  • User-controlled fuzzy matching.
  • Social networking analysis.
  • Geocoding to provide mapping of addresses.